Journal of a Mu’takifah (Intro)

Bismillahirrahmanir Raheem.

Last year, I had the honour of sitting for I’tikaaf. It was not only a truly memorable, but also a monumental experience for me (as I expect it would be for any girl’s first I’tikaaf)

This blog will be highlighting a range of topics In Shaa Allah with the main one being my Journal of a Mu’takifah series. I hope that through these you will In Shaa Allah be inspired to sit in I’tikaaf and experience this life-changing voyage for yourself.

Please make me maaf for any errors. Kindly point them out (nicely) if you find any. I sincerely hope you enjoy this series as much as I enjoy writing it. Do share this blog with anyone you think might be interested and remember me in your duas In Shaa Allah.

I hope you enjoy, take lesson and never forget to remember Allah(SWT) in everything you do.

AssalamuAlaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu until next time! I hope you enjoy, take lesson and never forget to remember Allah(SWT) in everything you do.

#First episode will premiere on Saturday, 14 January and will be updated weekly In Shaa Allah.

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*P.N. all names have been changed except well-known Ulema who might be quoted. 

Ramadhan Survival Guide: 10 Easy steps for students

The article as promised

student-survivalBy Mahdiyya Mungalee

The month of Barakah is here and you can feel it in the air. The auntie’s fridges are now open ready for the samosas to be fried for Iftar.

But wait !!! Not all of us are as excited for Ramadhan

“I’ve got exams throughout the whole of Ramadhaan!”, “I don’t think I’ll manage to fast this year”, “I’m so stressed, I don’t even want to THINK about Ramadhaan.”

Whoa, easy there. Take a chill pill, I got you covered.

This is your Ramadhaan Survival guide:Exam Blues

  1. Breathe easy, live easy

Too often in life, we do too much for everyone and everything else besides ourselves. It’s OK to take a moment to relax, in fact it’s extremely necessary. Hard work is in its place, but you’re not helping anyone if you’re so stressed on exam day that you’re completely blank. Take a moment to breathe…

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Have a blessed Ramadhaan!

Subhanallah, we’ve made it to the blessed month of Ramadhaan yet again.

May Allah (SWT) grant us the ability to make the most of this Ramadhaan and the honour of seeing many more In Shaa Allah.

I hope that this blog has inspired you to go and sit in I’tikaaf as well. If not now, then one day soon In Shaa Allah. When you do choose to sit, may Allah (SWT) make it an easy, enjoyable and enlightening experience and may it draw you closer to Allah (SWT).

So I know this month is probably gonna be hella stressful, especially for those students writing exams. You have my deepest, most heartfelt sympathies. I’m rocking in the same boat.
In Shaa Allah may Allah (SWT) make it easy for all of us and grant us beneficial knowledge. I wrote an article on Surviving the exams and Ramadhaan simultaneously, I do hope you check it out In Shaa Allah and I hope it’s helpful for you.

Remember me and my family in your duas In Shaa Allah. May this Ramadhaan be your best one yet!

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Vote of thanks/ Author’s note

AssalamuAlaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu.

I’m the AMTG. I’m just your Average Muslim Teenage Girl. This was my first completed blog and In Shaa Allah I intend to do more in the future but for now, I  draw to a close this blog.

I sincerely thank all of you who took the time and effort to read this blog. You have no idea how much your support means to me. Jazakallah, to all of you.

I’d like to single out a few very loyal readers:
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My Ammi (who doesn’t have word press but still reads anyways). I love you so very much. Jazakallah for being my rock, always.
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Jazakallah so much. ❤ ❤ ❤

Stay awesome!! Until next time In Shaa Allah. Ma Assalam.

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Journal of a Mu’takifah pt.10


So it turned out that last night was actually the end of my I’tikaaf. It was a bittersweet feeling. I was super excited to be going home and meeting my family and eating Eid day food but also, this had been my home for the past 9 days and now I was just leaving…

Apa Sabeeha managed to complete the entire khatam today. It was quite possibly one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed. #KhatamMaster

The excitement was electric when they spotted the moon. Us I’tikaaf girls literally ran out of the hall (9 days in isolation will do that to you). It was very festive. Eid Mubaraks and joy was shared amongst everyone and I had my last Iftaar with the girls before my parents came to pick me up. I packed up my belongings and beddings, stalling to make a little more time. Teary goodbyes were exchanged at the gate and just like that, my I’tikaaf, Ramadhaan and experience had come to an end.

Eid day was good Alhamdulillah. It was spent, as always, at my Dadi’s (grandmother) house. Everything is impeccably prepared and everything is delicious, from the scrumptious fresh cream chocolate cupcakes to the deliciously roasted chicken. Alahmdulillah, Allah(SWT) has truly blessed us.

My favourite thing about Eid though isn’t the food or the outfits, it’s the coming together of family. Even if it’s for just one day of the year, for that one day, the whole crazy, wacky bunch will come together. That’s what I feel the whole day is about. It’s a celebration in unity.

I hope you enjoyed, take lesson and never forget to remember Allah(SWT) in everything you do.

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Him (a poem)

Yesterday someone asked me: How can I believe in a being that I have never seen?
I calmly replied: I see Him every day.

I see Him in the acceptance of things beyond our control
I see Him in the colours and magnificence of the sunrise
I see Him in the cold and fresh and beautiful rain
I see Him in the growth of a baby, from a tiny dot to a little human
I see Him the wondrous change of the seasons

Today someone asks me: How can you believe in a being you’ve never met?
I calmly reply: I meet Him every day.

I meet Him in simple acts of human goodness
I meet Him in a mother’s love for her children
I meet Him in the perfect beauty of our imperfection
I meet Him on my prayer mat, when He welcomes me to His door
I meet Him when I’m afraid and I suddenly don’t feel so alone anymore

Tomorrow someone will ask me: How can I believe in a being who’s given me nothing?
I’ll look them straight in the eye and calmly reply:

Who’s given me life and who can take it away?
Who’s gifted my eyes with the power to open every day?
Who’s blessed me with treasures you can’t simply buy in a store?
Who’ll always heed my call when I can’t help but ask for more?
Who’s made me to perfection with hardly any flaws?
Who still chooses to forgive and love me even though I break and break His laws?

The next time someone asks me: How can I believe?
I’ll look right back at them and calmly reply: How can you not?

I hope you enjoyed, take lesson and never forget to remember Allah(SWT) in everything you do.

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Journal of a Mu’takifah pt.9

29 Ramadhaan 1437 @ 08:35 a.m.

Mood: happy
Para: 28- Khatam 2
Nafl namaaz read: ALL
Daily sunnat: Sleep on your right side
Fave part of today: Tasbih
Today I make shukr for: Taps that don’t drip
Today I make taubah for: Deficiency in my Ibadat
Itikaaf day: nine

Bismillahirrahmanir Raheem. All praise is due to Allah(SWT), the Lord of the worlds, He alone do we worship and He alone do we ask for help.

Today might be my last day sitting in I’tikaaf. X”( Tomorrow might be Eid. I really don’t know if I want Ramadhaan to end tonight or tomorrow night. On the one hand, one more day of Ibadat could make make all the difference but on the other hand, I really do miss my family…

The tap… is still… dripping. I really hope they fix it soon. It’s an extreme amount of waste and I keep feeling like I contributed to that Israaf. It makes me want to just drop my head down in shame and cry. May Allah(SWT) save me In Shaa Allah. I’ve been making weird contraptions with buckets and packets trying in vain to save water but really there isn’t much more I can do. They need to call a proper plumber.

I’m almost done with my khatam. Apa Humairah just finished her 6th and started with her 7th! Ma Shaa Allah. In Shaa Allah one day I’ll also achieve that, aameen.

I had a good Ibadat night last night, Alhamdulillah. In Shaa Allah I’ll keep up that drive even after Ramadhaan. My salaah is improving Alhamdulillah. I think those duas that Apa Sabeeha gave and Ml. Zulfiqar Naqshabdi (D.B)’s advice on correcting your postures have really helped. It’s by no means perfect but I’m trying and I think that’s what counts at the end of the day. In Shaa Allah I can keep this khushu and improve in the future.

I’m really going to miss this place and these wonderful people. I’m going to miss Ramadhaan. The whole feel and atmosphere… you really can’t get it anywhere else in the year. It wasn’t my greatest but it was still pretty good. In Shaa Allah next year I’ll have the opportunity to do even better.

For iftaar I had Kouse soup and burger, and for sehri it was eggs, a banana and coffee. It was possibly my last sehri…  my last muzakarah… my last day of I’tikaaf…

In Shaa Allah all my, and all the Muslims’ around the world, Ibadat was accepted, all our sins are forgiven and we’re granted complete Hidayat and enter Jannatul Firdaus, aameen.

“Increase in the remembrance of the terminator of all pleasures (death).”

I hope you enjoyed, take lesson and never forget to remember Allah(SWT) in everything you do.

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List of Nafl Namaaz pt.2

(These salaahs are not time-specific and may read any time except the 3 makrooh times, sunrise, zawaal and sunset)

Bismillahirahmanir Raheem.


Time: When one wishes to ask for forgiveness
Rakaats: 2
Reward: Forgiveness, In Shaa Allah
“Whoever commits a sin, gets up, peforms wudhu and offers salaah seeking forgiveness, Allah(SWT) forgives him.” (stte)

Tahiyyatul Wudhu

Time: After one makes wudhu
Rakaats: 2
Reward: Entitled to Jannah
“He who observes 2 rakaats with full devotion after performing wudhu scrupulously, becomes entitled to Jannah.” (stte)


Time: When one wishes to ask for forgiveness
Rakaats: 4
Reward: Allah (SWT) will forgive ALL sins, In Shaa Allah
“Rasulullah(SAW) once said to his uncle, “Oh Abbas, I want to make a special gift to you, so that if you act upon it, Allah(SWT) will forgive all your sins, whether old or new, intentional or unintentional, minor or major, open or secret. The action is to offer 4 rakaats nafl salaah and during each rakaat, after Surah Fatiha and a surah, you should recite the 3rd Kalima:
15x while standing still (Qiyaam)
10x in Ruku
10x when you rise from Ruku (Qaumah)
10x in the first Sajdah
10x when you get up (Jalsah)
10x in the second Sajdah
And 10x after the second Sajdah.
The total in each rakaat comes up to 75x (the total for the whole Salaah is 300). If possible, you should offer this salaah once everyday, and if you cannot do it daily, then offer it every Friday or once a month, or once a year or at least once in your lifetime” “(stte)
P.N. Ask a learned person of the method before reading this salaah.


Time: When one intends to make an important decision.
Rakaats: 2
Reward: Allah(SWT) will grant you guidance towards the best decision, In Shaa Allah
“Such importance was attatched to it, that it was taught with the care taken as teaching the Holy Quraan Shareef.” (stte)
P.N. Ask a learned person of the method before reading this salaah.


Time: When one has any need or difficuilty.
Rakaats: 2
Reward: Your need will be fulfilled and difficuilty removed, In Shaa Allah
P.N. Ask a learned person of the method before reading this salaah.


Time: When one intends to embark on a journey
Rakaats: 2
Reward: A person has left nothing better at home than these two rakaats

I hope you enjoyed, take lesson and never forget to remember Allah(SWT) in everything you do.

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