Journal of a Mu’takifah pt.2

22 Ramadhaan 1437 @ 14:55 p.m.

Mood: grateful
Para: 1- Khatam 2
Nafl namaaz read: ALL
Daily sunnat: dua when entering and leaving the masjid
Fave part of today: Morning taalim
Today I make shukr for: good food to eat everyday
Today I make taubah for: waste
Itikaaf day: two

 Bismillahirrahmanir Raheem. All praise is due to Allah(SWT), the Lord of the worlds, He alone do we worship and He alone do we ask for help.

Alhamdulillah this day is going well. Yesterday Ammi came to visit and make sure I was still surviving. She brought me some yummy chocolate and Jungle Oats (the flavoured ones!!). It was time for afternoon durood though so I didn’t get to speak to her for too long.
During “chill time” after Zuhr, I read Muslim Women and Modern Challenges by Maulana Afzal Ismail. It was very interesting, a real eye-opener. You just can’t take the reader out of me, not even in I’tikaaf.
For Iftaar we had Chicken curry, pies and cake (I know, upside down) then we read our salaah, made a bit of Ibaadah then slept early to wake up early at 4:15. (No, waking up for sehri is NOT easier just because you’re in I’tikaaf.)
I enjoyed my Jungle oats for breakfast (banana and toffee, yum). Even though I’m half fast asleep, I love the sehri time here. In a Madressa, mealtimes are so nice; you sit on a dastar, everyone shares food and (the best part) because I’tikaaf girls can’t go into the kitchen, everything is brought to us. I will forever be indebted to my sisters who made my khidmat.

{May Allah(SWT) grant them good, happy, healthy lives and the highest stages of Jannatul Firdaus, aameen.}

After sehri, we sat for morning durood and duas. The atmosphere is honestly something else. When you feel the words of “Abbatorahe bas tadaa me aakhir” touch your heart the way it does in I’tikaaf, you’ll yearn for it for the rest of your life.
We read Fajr, Quraan Shareef, Salaatul Ishraaq and went to sleep till about 10-10:30 when you wake up for Salaatul Chast.
I finished my Khatam today!! Alhamdulillah.
I’m feeling a little homesick but I’m mostly happy. I feel like I’m in a good place.

“You’re cloaked in a raincoat of sin and yet you complain when the rains of Rahmah don’t reach you.”

I hope you enjoyed, take lesson and never forget to remember Allah(SWT) in everything you do.

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