List of Nafl Namaaz pt.1 (Time-specific)

Bismillahirrahmanir Raheem.


Time: After the Fardh of Esha – Before Subah Saadiq (Before the time for Fajr sets in)
Rakaats: 2-12
Reward: Raises a person to the highest stages in Jannah.
“The dua made at tahajjud is like an arrow that is shot and does not miss its target” (stte)


Time: 15-20 minutes after sunrise
Rakaats: 2-4
Reward: Thawaab of 1 Hajj and 1 Umrah
“Help in accomplishing all your works during the rest of the day” (stte)


Time: Mid-morning (before zawaal) [9:00-11:00]
Rakaats: 2-12
Reward: Recorded amongst the pious
*If the full 12 rakaats are read, a house will be built for you in Jannah
“Whoever took care to offer 2 rakaats, all his sins will be forgiven, even though they are as profuse a the sea” (stte)


Time: after the Maghrib salaah
Rakaats: 6-20
Reward: sins will be forgiven
“If 6 rakaats are performed in succession with no break for worldly reasons, the reward will be 12 years nafl salaat” (stte)

I hope you enjoyed, take lesson and never forget to remember Allah(SWT) in everything you do.

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