I’m just a teen (a poem)

I’m just a teenager, just like you.
I’ve also felt all the things you sometimes do.

I’m just a teenager, in more ways than one.
I also like to let my hijab down and have a little fun.

I also love junk food although I hate calories.
I also love clothes and shoes even though I’ve got no money.

I love my family even though they drive me insane.
I’d do anything please them though my efforts sometimes go in vain.

I want to be able to wish my flab away, have a size zero figure I see every day.
I want to be liked, no loved by all I see, without having to change ‘ME’.

I’m also a little insecure, immature and half-baked, but have a little faith,
when I get out of the oven I’m going to be something great!

I also love texting and talking. Technology could be my second best friend.
If you ignore me, I’ll get upset, but I’ll come running back in the end.
I also get depressed and down, sometimes my face is in a permanent frown.

Yes, I’m just a teenager, just like you, I also love the same things that you do.

Don’t try to understand me, you’ll never be able to.
Just listen and advise, that’s why I come to you.

All I want is a little love, someone to guide me,
a bodyguard, a bestie, a sister, HONESTY.

Don’t let me down, ‘coz after all, I’m just a teenager,
just like you, I also feel all the things that you sometimes do.


I hope you enjoyed, take lesson and never forget to remember Allah(SWT) in everything you do.

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