Journal of a Mu’takifah pt.6

26 Ramadhaan 1437 @ 10:00 a.m.

Mood: cold *brrr*
Para: 17- Khatam 2
Nafl namaaz read: ALL
Daily sunnat: Dust the bed
Fave part of today: Late night snacks
Today I make shukr for: Being born Muslim
Today I make taubah for: Leading people astray
Itikaaf day: six

 Bismillahirrahmanir Raheem. All praise is due to Allah(SWT), the Lord of the worlds, He alone do we worship and He alone do we ask for help.

Alima Nur is leaving today. *sob* It’s strange how close I’ve gotten to these people in just 5 days. I guess that’s what happens when you’re with them 24/7. Alhamdulillah that I’ve met them though, they’re such lovely people. Perhaps it would’ve been better if to get to know them out of I’tikaaf but… I doubt I would’ve so…
I should stop eating FOOD food at sehri, I think it gives me a tummy ache. I had pizza, jungle oats and pasta. For supper, I had super yummy pasta and soup.

It’s really cold today, I think we’re having a cold front. Alhamdulillah though, all conditions come from Allah(SWT). I think I’m going to keep my wudhu for the day though, it’s waayy too cold to open the taps and considering how cold it is today, I think any moment that I’m not reading namaaz, I’m just gonna stay in my blanket and make zikr.

The darn tap is still dripping. Uggghhhh! They were supposed to fix it… still waiting.

Last night we had a mini send-off for Alima Nur with savories, custard and tennis biscuits. Madressah life is weird, but also super awesome. I wish I could be a part of it, InShaaAlla one day. Then we plaited Apa Humairah’s hair. It was a good night.

“If you can’t exceed the pious in A’mal, at least exceed the sinners in Taubah.”

I hope you enjoyed, take lesson and never forget to remember Allah(SWT) in everything you do.

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