Journal of a Mu’takifah pt.8

28 Ramadhaan 1437 @ 08:10 a.m.

Mood: home  book sick
Para: 23- Khatam 2
Nafl namaaz read: almost ALL
Daily sunnat: Read Bismillah and preactise what you’ve learnt
Fave part of today: Salaatut Tasbih
Today I make shukr for: Beautiful eyes
Today I make taubah for: Not lowering my gaze
Itikaaf day: eight

Bismillahirrahmanir Raheem. All praise is due to Allah(SWT), the Lord of the worlds, He alone do we worship and He alone do we ask for help.

It’s even colder today than it was yesterday! It’s so cold that there’s fog misting up the windows (thus making the hall even more of a freezer than it already is). It’s the perfect day to get into bed with a nice, hot cup of coffee and a good murder mystery…

I can’t believe there’s only 2 days left of my I’tikaaf! It flew by so fast. It was so beautiful Alhamdulillah. In Shaa Allah I’ll get the opportunity to sit again, with more sincerity, better Ibadat and an even greater connection to Allah(SWT). I hope I’m granted full reward and maghfirat for my shortcomings in this one.

For Iftaar yesterday, the Malaysian aunty made for us lekker things. There was veggie rice, chicken soup, soy eggs and pasta. It was too awesome and it all tasted so GOOD! Alhamdulillah, we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

I miss my family. I can’t wait to see all of them at Eid In Shaa Allah…

“Just one deed could be the difference between Jannah and Jahannum.”

I hope you enjoyed, take lesson and never forget to remember Allah(SWT) in everything you do.

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