Ramadhan Survival Guide: 10 Easy steps for students

The article as promised

student-survivalBy Mahdiyya Mungalee

The month of Barakah is here and you can feel it in the air. The auntie’s fridges are now open ready for the samosas to be fried for Iftar.

But wait !!! Not all of us are as excited for Ramadhan

“I’ve got exams throughout the whole of Ramadhaan!”, “I don’t think I’ll manage to fast this year”, “I’m so stressed, I don’t even want to THINK about Ramadhaan.”

Whoa, easy there. Take a chill pill, I got you covered.

This is your Ramadhaan Survival guide:Exam Blues

  1. Breathe easy, live easy

Too often in life, we do too much for everyone and everything else besides ourselves. It’s OK to take a moment to relax, in fact it’s extremely necessary. Hard work is in its place, but you’re not helping anyone if you’re so stressed on exam day that you’re completely blank. Take a moment to breathe…

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